Perkins Engine Parts and Repair

For 75 years, Perkins has been a leading manufacturer of highly-advanced diesel engines, industrial engines, and genset engines that are used for many applications.Utilizing world-class facilities and advanced engine research, Perkins continues to provide distributors with the highest quality, best performing engines and parts.

Rohrig Heavy Equipment Maintenance is a Perkins Level III Master Service Dealer, and we are the only dealer in West Virginia authorized to sell Perkins engines and parts. We repair many engine models and carry a large selection of Perkins parts in our inventory. We also offer replacement engines and complete engine rebuilds.

To order Perkins parts or get more information about our Perkins services, please call (304) 277-3400.

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Serving Oil, Gas and Coal Industries

Rohrig is able to provide parts and service for many Perkins engine models, including Genset and Diesel engines frequently used in industries like mining. In the gas industry, we repair or replace many engine types and brands, including Perkins genset engines. We also repair hydraulic power units and water pumps used in the gas industry. In the coal industry, we service and repair coal mining equipment, diesel engines, and transportation. Types of mining equipment we service include screen machines, shuttles, mantrips, cars/buses and scoops.

We can replace and provide parts like cylinder heads, fuel injection pumps, turbos, injectors and overhaul kits, and we repair genset and diesel Perkins engines for non-farm equipment.

Perkins Engines We Repair:

  • 400 Series
  • 1000 Series
  • 1100 Series

Rohrig, We Keep you moving.

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